Choosing Type to Use When Designing


The first thing I think of when designing is what font to use? Well, there’s a few things to consider.

1. What are you designing? Is it a logo or is it a book?

-If it’s a logo you can use all sorts of fonts even decorative ones. If it’s a book, the title can be decorative, but the body copy has to be something easy to read like a Helvetica font for the sans serif types and the for the serifed type perhaps Palatino.

2. What is the content?

-If it’s something for the youth, I would choose a less formal font that’s legible. You might even want to experiment with something like Kinescope. If it’s for a formal event then a formal font like Sabon or Times New Roman. The title could perhaps be in Zapfino so you can have something calligraphic if it’s a formal event.

3. Does the font go with the design?

-If it’s a floral design then choose a font that is fun and free and kind of reminds you of flowers like Brim. If the design is more constructivist then perhaps a sharper edged font like Futura.

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kinescopw2 is a great source for any graphic designer. One can learn about new fonts, type history, famous typographers, and famous graphic designers. Both Therese and I have been reading a lot of it recently and I am happy to say that it’s better than reading a book on graphic design or typography because it has the newest fonts, the latest news, and much more. I highly suggest checking it out if you’re a graphic designer because it is a very helpful site.

It has loads of information and inspiration. You don’t even have to read the articles. Sometimes I just look at the articles and get inspired by the images. Then of course later on when I have time I read it in depth and really get a good understanding of how a font was made for example.

If you are not yet a graphic designer and are thinking about going into graphic design, this is a great site for you. You will learn all about typographical terms, which you will learn in school. You will also get to see what a typographer does and learn about famous typographers so you might decide to go into graphic design to be a typographer and design fonts for a living.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the site. It’s free. There’s always something new so why not visit it